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Fresh and Ink's sick day
Ink threw another ink filled tissue at the mountain that was now his trashcan. He sighs as it bounces off and lands on the floor with the other fifty tissues. Being sick sucked… The being of creativity and all he could do was create a giant tissue mess. He sighs and is about to push himself out of bed, when he hears someone come in.
“Hello? *sniff* Who is it?” He tried to speak up, but his voice failed him and came out as a croak.
“Wiggidy what up my sick brah!?” An unmistakable voice calls from the kitchen. Fresh comes wheeling in on his Heelies with a juice box in his hand.
“Oh. Hey Fresh. *sniff* What brings you here?” Ink rasps out.
“Wanted to see if you wanted to shred some tubular pipes with me!” He says after taking a long sip from the juice box. He finally notices Ink’s runny nose and the ink filled tissues everywhere. “Ohhhhhhhhh. You really are a sick brah!”
“Yeah… I’ll have to A-A-ACHOO
:iconblueeyedpumpkinz:BlueEyedPumpKinZ 22 25
Halloween Fluff
Halloween had finally arrived.  
The four little skeletons walked out of Ink’s house with eyes glittering with anticipation. Even Error couldn’t hide his ever growing excitement as they reached the first house. Halloween was his favorite holiday. Candy, scares, costumes, carving pumpkins, corn mazes, skeletons … What else could a monster want?
The day had started with Error jumping out of his bed singing “This is the night” from one of his favorite Halloween specials. Geno slid into the room from the bathroom singing along into his toothbrush. Error leaned up next to him with a slipper as the boys jammed out. The boys even sang it all the way down to breakfast. Fresh was sitting trying to decide which cereal to have while CQ was putting out bowls.
“Count Chocula, Frankenberry or Boo Berry!? Such an unrad dilemma broskis.” He turned to his brothers pointing at the cereals. Error grabbed Count Chocula and poured himself a bowl. Geno poured B
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Undertale Grillby X Reader (Burning Love)
With a sigh, you picked up a towel and began wiping down the tables at Grillby's. It had been a very long day of work and you and Grillby had worked late into the night serving customers. It was around three AM and you were just ready to go home and rest for the night. 
But to your disappointment, you still had quite a few jobs to do before Grillby's officially closed for the night. Sweep the floors, wipe off the counter, restock the shelves, mop the kitchen and wash the dishes. At least Grillby was here to help you close up, though that was his job. 
Speaking of Grillby, he walked in from the back and grabbed the broom. "I've mopped the kitchen and restocked the shelves," He spoke, his flames were crackling and burning a bright orange. 
"Alright, thanks babe." You replied as you moved onto wiping off the next table. 
You two had been dating for around ten months now, that means you've been working at Grillby's for a little over a year. After two months of working a
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I'm doing Spirit from our RP for Animal Crossing. He's a racing horse... or used to be.

1: Their voice

Gruff and he's got a slight accent of a gambler from Vegas.

2: Their smile

Spirit doesn't really smile anymore. The only one who's seen him smile in this town is Kicks. It's an honest smile and you can see his younger self again.

3: Their greatest achievement

Winning the Newston Derby and creating a new record for fastest lap. He keeps the news article from that day back in his study.

4: Their insecurities

His leg/ankle always gives him trouble. He hates how people look at him like some crippled old man when he used to be a famous racer.

5: Their shortcomings

Spirit is not good with people, not even in his golden years. It was train, race, win, show off, then repeat. Anyone he was close to only saw either his serious racing side or his prideful gambling side except a certain gal.

6: How they deal with grief

Spirit has two different ways of showing it. He either doesn't show it at all and hides in his house until he runs out of groceries and has to go out or he explodes at the first person who was the unlucky one to be in the wrong place wrong time.

7: How they like to dress

Spirit likes to wear some of his old training jerseys when it's hot outside and in the winter he wears a dark trench coat with a beat up fedora.

8: What they like to eat

Wheat cakes with honey and shrimp. Wheat cakes remind him of a certain mare who would bake them for him when he lost a race and every Casino has the best shrimp at his racing track.

9: Their theme

Ummm.... I would probably pick You Can't Take Me from hehe Spririt Stallion of the Cimmaron. It gives me the feeling of his story. He feels shorted in his life and wants to fight against it. So that's what he's trying to do, but...

10: Their fashion sense

Dark colors and some lighter accents colors if he's in a flashy mood. The only really colorful clothes he has are his old racing jerseys.

11: Their family life

Spirit doesn't have any close family. He had a brother, but he went on to race in another country. He almost married Peony... but, he had his accident and shut everyone out.

12: Their romantic life

He loved Peony Trot back when he was in his prime and she loved him in return. He planned to propose after he won the Drewbury race tournament, but his accident left him ashamed and shunned. He couldn't face her being this way. He ran away and now he's all alone.

13: Their embarrassing memory from years ago

He was trying to impress Peony on a picnic of theirs, but on accident knocked a beehive down from a nearby tree and they spent the rest of the picnic in the nearby pond.

14: How they react to burning their tongue on food

He would shout and blame the cook. He's a grump.

15: How they react to a brainfreeze

His scowl would get more scrunched up than usual and he'd tap his cane against the ground til it stops.

16: Their dreams

Either his glory days as a racer or some happy memories of him and his mates or Peony.

17: Their ambitions

He wants to fully heal and win the Drewbury race tournament like he was supposed to years ago.

18: How they sleep

He sleeps on his left side keeping pressure off his right leg.

19: Their reaction to betrayal

He'd shout, stomp, and probably kick anything he could reach. He'd take his anger out on the closest thing until he can face the betrayer face to face. 

20: Their reaction to a mystery love letter

In his younger years, he'd feel smug and add it to all his other fan letters unless it smelled like honey. Then he'd knew who it was. Now a days he'd crumple it up and toss it never smelling honey.

21: How they react to pain

He keeps his scowl on pretty much all day because of his chronic pain from his ankle/leg. If it's a sharp pain he'll shout and rant about it for a good long while.

22: What they're like on two hours of sleep do NOT want to see that...

23: How they act when they're sick

He tries to ignore it and keep going on. Once it gets worse enough he'll just lay in bed all day grouchy and aching. Luckily, there is someone who keeps an eye out for him.

24: What motivates them

Not much now a days. I would guess his pride. 

25: Why you enjoy them

Because I feel like our RP story needed a grumpy AC character, but you still want to like them in some aspects. Plus, I like having a character that can be a grouch to anybody if they want. Lets me test out different writing and dialogue styles.

I tag :iconcrazycake250: :iconishipskyloxandmore: :iconsonicfam123:


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